Stories of Impact: Roderick Justice, TCT’s Producing Artistic Director

By The Children's Theatre

“The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati has given me the platform to share positive stories in our community, especially with our children.  We want to tell stories that draw parallels to our own lives, but especially in the lives our youth.” 

Take a ghost like Casper. He is different than the other kids, who are scared of him just by the way he looks. He meets Donald, an up-stander, who decides not to run away, but befriend him.  When you communicate with someone who is different, though it might be scary or uncomfortable, you are experiencing and understanding other perspectives which make you a more empathetic person. This is what theatre does: It brings us all together. When we congregate in the audience, we are in the presence of different backgrounds, ethnicities, political views, and religions.  All of us are watching a story unfold together to learn a moral in the end. We are laughing, crying, applauding together.”

“Let’s not close our minds and run away. Let’s encourage our children to seek experiences with those who are different so they may learn and understand each other better. Theatre has the power to do this. We are highlighting a message loud and clear with each and every production. So, let’s awaken the 4-year-old that lives inside all of us. Allow that child be entertained, engaged, and empowered to build empathy and humanity for the generations to come.”