Stories of Impact: James Jones, TCT Creative Project Producer & Resident Artist

By The Children's Theatre
James Jones in TCT’s 2019 production of DISNEY’S THE JUNGLE BOOK KIDS.

“The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati was quite literally my “right place at the right time” moment.

“Ever since my first role on TCT’s MainStage six years ago, TCT has supplied me with a creative outlet over and over again, allowing me to work full-time in the arts and education world. “

“The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati has been a gateway to many professional connections for me, which have lasted not just for a single project or a one-off production, but for a lifetime. Because of TCT’s mission, the work being done is authentic, important and magical. “

“I know for a fact that my life has changed and will continue to change because of The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati and the relevance that the arts have within education and the world!”