Theatre Gift Giving for Little Patrons

By The Children's Theatre

Add that WOW-factor for Academy Gift Certificates & Paper Tickets

Many families are opting to give kids experiences rather than material gifts for the holidays. And it’s wonderful! A trip to the theater with family and friends creates memories that last a lifetime as opposed to a popular toy that will be old news by February. But it’s hard for a set of paper tickets to compete with a Fingerling puppet in a box on Christmas morning. We’ve created a guide to adding a little extra something to give those paper tickets and gift certificates a leg up!

FOR $5: Add a book!

  • Find a paperback copy of Matilda on Amazon or at a used bookstore. Use the Tickets as a bookmark and read the story to prepare for the show!
  • Pro-Tip: TCT has bookmarks for every show available for free! Ask us for one to up the presentation level!

FOR $5 – $15: Add a movie or music

  • Sometimes kids like to know what they’re getting into before they see a show.
  • Get the movie version or soundtrack from upcoming shows to be ready to sing along with your favorites!

FOR $15 +: Add something to help prep for classes

  • TCT Academy Stage Makeup classes require a Ben Nye makeup kit anyway, so get it early and give them a chance to practice beforehand!
  • TCT Academy Dance classes require appropriate footwear. Grab some to wrap with the gift certificate to get the prima ballerina ready for the first day of class!

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Luckily, virtual gifts mean you don’t have to go to the store OR wait for them to ship in time for Christmas – talk about a win-win!

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