TCT’s Academy Scholars

By The Children's Theatre

A digital S.T.E.A.M. resource for grades 1 through 5

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s Workshops bring professional Teaching Artists into the classroom (either virtually or in person) to teach a range of lessons and life skills. We aim to expand students’ appreciation for music, drama and theater through lessons that are aligned with curriculum. 

This year, as an online response to COVID-19, TCT’s Education team has created a new option for teachers — Academy Scholars — available starting October 15, 2020.  

“The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati is elated to unveil our a new virtual TCT Workshop experience: Academy Scholars,” said TCT Education Director, Angelo Cerniglia. “Our newly developed virtual workshop provides a link between academics and art by teaching curriculum-based standards through arts integrated activities and lessons. Our STEAM based approach to lessons are designed to be done as a group or independently.  All of our TCT Academy Scholars Workshops we’re designed to incorporate social distancing protocols to keep students safe and learning – while still having fun!”

Each module contains grade level linked curriculum lessons taught through the arts in one single video. Lessons can be done as a class or independently.

Modules includes 45-60 minutes worth of activities that can be completed at the teacher’s chosen pace. Each lesson introduces students to Common Core standards through song, movement, and activity packets lead by our TCT Education Team. All paper activities are delivered digitally for teachers to print off.

Modules can be purchased as a package for the entire school or individually per grade and team.

Modules include:

  • 1st Grade:  Math and Multiplying by 3s
  • 2nd & 3rd Grades:  E.L.A. Acronyms and Conjunctions
  • 4th & 5th Grades: American History featuring The Preamble

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