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Living Room Musicals


A Learn-As-You-Go online offering from TCT

Originally created for our young performers, ages 4 through 6, TCT’s LIVING ROOM MUSICALS was designed to bring arts education to the comfort of homes without the use of live virtual software.

Not only does this new course provide a gentle stepping stone into arts education for young performers but has also proven successful to some of our students with learning differences of ALL AGES!

Sometimes, our students with developmental disabilities can struggle being in an arts classroom because of many factors that naturally occur in theatrical settings such as bright lights, loud noises, and spikes in energy and movement. These distractions create learning obstacles that are difficult for our students to overcome and with no way to turn the proverbial knob down, these students can become frustrated and left feeling defeated. Not because they can’t learn the material, but rather, they don’t have the ability to remove the factors from that classroom.

This option allows for flexibility on when a student has class and how much of the class they want to complete in one sitting. Parents will receive a printable art activity, sheet music, accompaniment and guide vocal tracks, and tutorial videos to access for up to two weeks to allow students to learn on their own time, at their own pace.

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$ 45.00
Whenever you like! All activities take place at home

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