Kid-Reviewed Theatre: A Charlie Brown Christmas

By The Children's Theatre

Review by Icy Davis

Lights, camera, action! A Charlie Brown Christmas is more than magical, with audience interactions, a fun surprise to go along with the show and lights that can amaze anyone! A Charlie Brown Christmas has the characters we know and love to make us smile and laugh.

The 2019 Cast of A Charlie Brown Christmas performs at the Taft Theatre. Photo by Mikki Schaffner

Can you imagine your favorite characters coming to life? In this special play, you will see Charlie Brown and his friends like never before. But, you still get that same heartwarming script as before. 

Bob Herzog (Snoopy) performs with Joey Logan and Chloe Goodman in A Charlie Brown Christmas at the Taft Theatre, December 2019. Photo by Mikki Schaffner

Of course, charming Snoopy and Woodstock can still make you laugh yourself out of your seat. The talented Charlie Brown Christmas’ cast even learned to ice skate! Of course, Lucy is still that hot-headed character we love, and Linus still has his signature blue blankie by his side. Look as close as you would like, but every detail of our favorite Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon characters were spot on. Each personality showed through, outgoing Lucy, sweet Sally and misunderstood Charlie Brown. 

While you might not be in the comfort of your own home, if you’re looking for laughter, unexpected surprises, and classic entertainment, I recommend you go to A Charlie Brown Christmas. In the theatre with friends and family, your experience will be warm and welcoming with many excited people around you. With moving props and effects, A Charlie Brown Christmas will especially lighten your day.

Icy Davis is an 11-year-old homeschool student from Cincinnati who is an avid patron of the performing arts around town and loves writing about her experiences. Look out for more of her reviews on TCT’s blog throughout the season!

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