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Pinocchio: The Wooden Boy

45 minutes
TCT on Tour

“Dreams are what you make them” in this new adaptation of the classic children’s fantasy. Geppetto, a lonely Italian toymaker, dreams of having a family, but when his wish is unexpectedly granted, he is shocked to be in the company of a talking puppet! When the two don’t quite get along, Pinocchio ventures off on his own… Now, it’s up to Geppetto to shape up and save Pinocchio from danger in this comedic cat-and-dog chase around Europe. Join Pinocchio as he learns important lessons in honesty and morality, while Geppetto has a few lessons to learn on growing up as well…  

45-minute storytelling experience, including a Q&A session! 

TCT on Tour
Touring September 5 – October 29, 2023

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