TCT Virtual Open Casting Call Notice

By The Children's Theatre
Disney’s Descendants: The Musical

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati (TCT) is holding auditions ONLINE for the first MainStage production in their 102nd Season! 

TCT is the Nation’s oldest children’s theatre. All roles are paid positions.   

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati believes the stories on our stages and the work we do behind the scenes must reflect the diverse communities we serve. We believe inclusive work cultures spark wide-ranging, exploratory conversations and learning. Therefore, we strongly welcome and encourage people from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, gender, gender identities, religions, abilities, and ages to apply as we continue our commitment to diversity and build an inclusive environment at TCT.  

Auditions are by online submission only. 

Young Artists currently in High School and Adults 18+ may submit an audition video.  

All actors in Descendants must authentically portray characters ages 16+. 

You MUST register online and include a youtube link (marked as unlisted) in the registration. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR VIDEO AUDITION.  If you need to cancel or make changes, please follow the link in your registration email.  Multiple slots for a single actor will be cancelled.  You will need to register for a specific time which will be used for internal purposes only, DO NOT REPORT TO TCT IN PERSON. 

Submissions will be accepted April 26 to May 10, 2021  

You may be asked to return and attend a “socially distanced” in-person callback if you are being considered for a certain role.  We will reach out directly to all auditionees we’d like to callback.  Callbacks will be held Mid June 2021. 

Callbacks are held at TCT’s headquarters located at: 4015 Red Bank Road, Cincinnati OH 45227. 

For information concerning auditions email Eric Byrd at


Please prepare one memorized song that best shows your vocal range. (1-minute max). The song must be age-appropriate and should reflect the style of the character(s) you are interested in being considered for. 

You only need a song. You do NOT need to prepare a monologue.  

You must submit a RECENT 8×10 headshot or photo and an UPDATED performance resume.  

Due to concentrated rehearsal periods, we ask that you do not have conflicts during rehearsals. In an effort to best facilitate all rehearsal times, all those auditioning will be asked to list all conflicts at the time of the audition. Additional conflicts could result in a stipend adjustment. Please take note of when rehearsals begin, the day and evening tech and performance schedule, before submitting.   


Book: Nick Blaemire 
Additional Lyrics: Nick Blaemire 
Music Adaptation: Madeline Smith 
Directed by: Roderick Justice 

Based on the popular Disney Channel Original Movies, Disney’s Descendants: The Musical is a brand-new musical comedy featuring the beloved characters and hit songs from the film. 

Rehearsals: August 28 – October 2, 2021 (off September 3-6 for Labor Day)   
Mon – Thurs: 6:30-9:30 PM, Sat: 10AM – 4PM 

Tech at the Taft Theatre: October 6-8, 2021 Daytime/Evening   

Performances: October 9-19, 2021 
Morning performances during weekdays/school days. Morning, afternoon and evening performances Friday-Sunday.  


MAL: Female identifying, our hero and Maleficent’s daughter.  Under her hardened, sarcastic exterior, she has a sense of justice and a heart of gold. Seeking strong singer, actor, dancer with pop/rock vocal sensibility, vocal range G3-D5 

EVIE:  Female identifying, the Evil Queen Grimhilde’s daughter.  She hides her brilliance behind a superficial, image-obsessed attitude. Seeking strong singer, actor, dancer with pop/rock vocal sensibility, vocal range G3-D5 

JAY: Male identifying, Jafar’s son, an outwardly arrogant thief who conceals a strategic, collaborative nature. Seeking strong singer, actor, dancer with pop/rock vocal sensibility, vocal range Eb3-G4 

CARLOS: Male identifying, Cruella deVil’s son, despite a fear of dogs and just about everything else, he has the capacity to be brave and kind.  Seeking strong singer, actor, dancer with pop/rock vocal sensibility, vocal range Eb3-G4 

MALEFICENT: Female identifying, The infamous evil fairy.  She is a profoundly selfish absentee parent with an unquenchable taste for vengeance.  Seeking strong singer, actor, dancer with pop/rock vocal sensibility, vocal range A3-D5 

GRIMHILDEFemale identifying, Snow White’s wicked adversary.  An aging beauty queen, she is still desperate to be the fairest of them all.  Seeking strong, comedic actor. 

JAFAR: Male identifying, Aladdin’s nemesis.  He is a slimy, washed up crime lord desperate for a way back to the top.  Seeking strong singer, actor with pop/rock vocal sensibility, vocal range B2-E4 

CRUELLA DE VILFemale identifying, a Dalmation-loving dog-snatcher, she is an obsessive, eccentric and overbearing helicopter mom.  Seeking strong singer, actor with pop/rock vocal sensibility, vocal range B3-B4 

BENMale identifying, Son of Beast and Belle.  He is a classically regal, optimistic kid who bears the weight of soon becoming King of Auradon.  Seeking strong singer, actor, dancer with pop/rock vocal sensibility, vocal range Ab2-Bb4 

KING BEASTMale identifying, Ben’s father and King of Auradon.  Royal and rule-driven, he knows a bit about being marginalized.  Seeking strong actor. 

QUEEN BELLEFemale identifying, Ben’s mother and Queen of Auradon, warm but cautious, she doesn’t understand her son’s generation.  Seeking strong actor. 

FAIRY GODMOTHERFemale identifying, Headmistress of Auradon Prep.  Busy and bubbly, she’ll do anything to keep the school afloat.  Seeking strong singer, actor, with pop/rock vocal sensibility, vocal range D4-D5 

JANEFemale identifying, Fairy Godmother’s daughter, meek and mousy, but hungry for attention, she’s looking for her moment to shine. Seeking strong singer, actor, dancer with pop/rock vocal sensibility, vocal range E4-D5 

AUDREYFemale identifying, Sleeping Beauty’s daughter. The malicious queen bee of Auradon Prep, she has her eye on the throne.  Seeking strong singer, actor, dancer with pop/rock vocal sensibility, vocal range A3-B4 

CHADMale identifying, Cinderella and Prince Charming’s son.  An arrogant and spoiled blockhead, he’s never wanted for anything.  Seeking strong singer, actor, dancer with pop/rock vocal sensibility, vocal range B2-D4 

DOUG: Male identifying, Dopey’s son, nerdy and sweet, he does all the work that his fellow students don’t want to do.  Seeking strong singer, actor, dancer with pop/rock vocal sensibility, vocal range C4-E4 

MAURICEMale identifying, chemistry teacher and Belle’s father.  He is kooky and stuck in his ways.  Singing strong character actor. 

SNOW WHITE: Female identifying, red carpet reporter.  She is the voice of the masses.  Seeking strong actor. 

ENSEMBLE: A group of adults and teens to play multiple roles in the Ensemble including Royal Guard, Royal Page, Isle Ensemble, Auradonians, Coronation Crowd, and Auradonian Choir, Seeking STRONG Dancer, Singer, Actors with versatile singing and acting ability who may also cover principal roles.  Tumbling a plus!

Submit between Apr. 26-May 10

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