101 Stories: Cammy Dierking

By The Children's Theatre

Celebrate TCT’s 101st season as it comes to a close as we applaud and appreciate those who contributed to the organization’s magic throughout our century-long journey.  During 10 weeks of recognition, we honor individuals who have been instrumental in the success of TCT, and who have not only helped TCT grow in mission, but also thrive, thanks to their passion.  It is these people and their moments in our history that shaped TCT to become what it is today. We encourage you to consider giving a gift in their honor to ensure the sustainability of TCT’s mission for the next 100+ years. 

Cammy Dierking

Cammy Dierking recently wrapped up a 38-year broadcasting career, the last 31 years at WKRC-TV, Local 12. What you might not know is that Cammy is no stranger to the stage.  She appeared in TCT’s productions of CASEY AT THE BAT in 2003, CHARLOTTE’S WEB in 2004, and DISNEY’S HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL ON STAGE! in 2007. 

A 1982 graduate of Miami University, Cammy spent several years in smaller television markets— Raleigh, North Carolina, and Reno, Nevada— before returning to her hometown of Cincinnati in 1988.  She was one of the first female sports anchors in the country and THE first in both Nevada and Ohio.  Cammy hosted ‘Good Morning Cincinnati’ for 13 years before becoming the Evening News Anchor for another 12 years.  

Cammy has also spent the last two decades as a professional Motivational Speaker, presenting keynote addresses on topics including: Health and Wellness; Creating Balance; and The Power of a Positive Attitude.  

At the start of 2020, Cammy decided it was time for ‘rewirement.’ She tapped into her passion for fitness– she’s completed 24 marathons, numerous century bike rides, and three Ironman Triathlons– and received her ACE Personal Training certification.  She now helps people stay fit and active.  Cammy and her husband, John, live in Loveland and run a small manufacturing company.  They love to travel… and they have three grown daughters. 

We caught up with Cammy, and she shared her memories of TCT: 

What prompted your involvement with TCT? 

“Jack Louiso (TCT’s former Artistic Director) was on our morning news program (which I co-anchored with John Lomax) many years ago to promote TCT.  I told him (off-camera) that I had done some theatre in high school and loved the stage. He offered me a part in an upcoming show, ‘Casey at the Bat,’ and I loved it!” 

Can you share a moment or turning point in your work with TCT that enhanced or changed the program? 

“Because I was a news anchor at Local 12 during my time performing with TCT, I was able to promote the shows and the TCT mission on-air…. which I think generated some great publicity.  I was often told by people I ran into that they had no idea TCT existed until they heard me talk about it on TV.” 

Was there a particular situation where you witnessed the TCT mission specifically enhance the growth and development of children’s imagination or creativity? 

“I loved the daytime performances for school groups… the kids seemed genuinely excited to see the LIVE performances.  I loved hearing them laugh or gasp or applaud.” 

What do you love most or miss most about your work with TCT? 

“The people.  I worked with some amazing actors – especially the younger ones.  I couldn’t believe how self-assured and talented they were!  I also loved working with Jack and Susie Louiso and everyone behind the scenes!” 

What else would you like to share about your time at TCT? 

“I got to meet Bob Herzog during my first show with TCT. I couldn’t believe how GREAT he was in LIVE theater.  So I went to my boss at Local 12 and told him he HAD to hire Bob at the TV station!  The rest is history.  Bob is such a Cincinnati treasure and brings light and laughter to whatever he does!” 

Would you honor Cammy Dierking with a gift to recognize the impact made on TCT?

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