Resources for Teachers

Talking to Kids about Racial Diversity & Inclusion

A list of resources to guide discussions about acceptance, kindness, friendship, inclusion, respect, and diversity with students of all ages.

Arts Funding and Assistance for Schools

We know that arts funding can be hard to come by. Here are some ideas for assistance.

TCT Ticket Subsidy Program

Schools with 50% or more Free and Reduced Lunch may qualify for the The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s Ticket Subsidy Program for assistance to select performances.

Please fill out and submit our official form. You will be contacted by Pam Young, our School Coordinator, with details.

Want more information? Consult our Program Guidelines 2021-22.

Art Bus

TCT receives funds from P&G to expand the number of free Art Busses available, and the eligibility criteria to include schools with 25% or more of their students eligible for free lunch programs.  This has allowed 8,700 children to attend a TCT production, most of whom had never been on a field trip before.

For assistance with busing to the Taft Theatre, please consider Art Bus.


Phone: 513-562-3031

Target Grants

It’s become increasingly difficult for schools to fund learning opportunities outside the classroom. To help, Target launched Target field trip grants in 2007. Since then, they’ve made it possible for millions of students to go on a field trip. 

Ohio Arts Council’s Big Yellow School Bus

The Big Yellow School Bus program provides support for the travel costs associated with arts-related school field trips. Private and public schools (pre-kindergarten through secondary) and associations for home-schooled students may apply for up to $500 for transportation costs associated with educational field trips to galleries, museums, festivals, exhibitions and performances. Applications are being accepted and are due no later than eight weeks prior to the date of the proposed event. Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis for as long as funds are available.

Ohio Arts Council’s Artist Express Program

The Artist Express program allows schools and community organizations to collaborate with an artist for a short one- to three- day residency.