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Organizational Overview:

TCT’s mission is to educate, entertain and engage audiences of all ages through professional theatrical productions and arts education programming. We fulfill our mission through three primary programs:

Vision: To awaken a lifelong love of theatre in children and the young at heart.

Core Beliefs:

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati believes the stories on our stages and the work we do behind the scenes must reflect the diverse communities we serve. We believe inclusive work cultures spark wide-ranging, exploratory conversations and learning. Therefore, we strongly welcome and encourage people from all backgrounds, religions, gender identities, races, ethnicities, abilities, and ages to apply as we continue our commitment to diversity and build an inclusive environment at TCT.

Development Intern

Internship Overview 

This intern position will work directly with the Development Director, Anne Venters, as well as Development Managers, Mary Wright and Annie Bloemer with assignments designated daily at the Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati (TCT) at Red Bank. Typical tasks include:  




The development intern will also be able to sit in on staff and corporate meetings, production previews/rehearsals as well as view sponsorship opportunities through presentations and meetings. If interested, the development intern will also witness the capital campaign and associated donor events underway. 

This is an extremely beneficial internship for those interested in theatre, business, and philanthropy providing opportunity to enhance promotional writing skills, corporate support, fund raising events and donor relations that help attract and develop TCT’s individual and community relationships.  

Ideal Candidate Attributes 

Time Commitment 

A work schedule will be discussed at the start of the internship, schedules are flexible with a recommended 15-hour weekly commitment.  

The Internship Period will be from March 1 – May 1, 2023 


This internship is unpaid; however, TCT will work with his or her’s university if school credit is available or allowed. In addition, the work opportunity at TCT can result in an excellent reference on a resume. 


Anne McCarthy Venters   

513-569-8080 x28 

Bus Coordinators

2 people needed.

9:00 am – 2:00 pm – October 11, 12, 13, 14 & 17; December 13, 14, 15, 16 & 19; February 21, 22, 23, 24 & 27 & April 18, 19, 20, 21 & 24.

Downtown Cincinnati at/near The Taft Theatre

Person 1: Greets buses as they arrive for student drop off and assigns a number to each bus. Works with person collecting buses on Merhing Way and organizes for buses to return for student pick up.

Person 2: Takes first bus to Merhing Way and waits till all buses arrive. Directs buses back to The Taft Theatre for student pick up after performances.

Interested in this position? Please email Pam Young at or call at 513-569-8080 ext. 13.

Workshop Teaching Artist

TCT is looking for experienced Workshop Teaching Artists with skills to facilitate artist enrichment for students Pre-K – 12th grade. This position will introduce students to new artistic disciplines, art forms, perspectives, and skills in a wide range of settings.




Qualified candidates should submit whatever they feel best reflects their qualifications. This can come in the form of a video, cover letter/resume, portfolio, and/or demo reels. (Files should be less than 3MB in total, links are welcome). No phone calls, please.

Please submit materials and any references to


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