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A Charlie Brown Christmas

December 7 - 16
Taft Theatre
Back by popular demand, bring your family and celebrate the season with our live rendition of your favorite holiday TV special! Don’t let the…

Mrs. Claus Saves the Day

December 21-22
Red Bank
TCT on Tour
Behind every great Man-in-Red, is a great Woman-in-Red! She’s making a list and checking it twice! When the holiday is threatened by a severe…

Coretta Scott King

January 20-May 29
TCT on Tour
Born in Alabama, Coretta Scott King overcame childhood adversity in the segregated south and attended Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. A talented singer,…

Annie JR.

February 29 - March 9
Taft Theatre
Leapin’ Lizards! Kick off Leap Year with us! The popular comic strip heroine takes center stage in one of the world’s best-loved musicals. With…

Harriet Tubman: Straight Up Outta’ The Underground

March 14-15
Red Bank
TCT on Tour
Bring the past to the present and change the future with this one-woman interactive storytelling experience. Uncover the truth about America’s 200-year-old struggle with…

Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical

April 25 - May 4
Taft Theatre
Broadway’s biggest little hero, Matilda, is an extraordinary little girl with a vivid imagination. Unloved by her cruel parents, Matilda is armed with astonishing…

Dorothy in Oz

May 16-17
Red Bank
TCT on Tour
Join this adventurous young lady as she takes your audiences down the Yellow Brick Road to find out why a lion, a scarecrow and…

Cinderella Wore Cowboy Boots

June 5-7
Red Bank
TCT on Tour
“Hear, Ye! Hear, Yeee-Haw!” The King is throwin’ a royal ball! In this one-woman show, our storyteller will round-up your family as they get pulled into…