101 Stories: NKU School of the Arts

By The Children's Theatre

Celebrate TCT’s 101st season as it comes to a close as we applaud and appreciate those who contributed to the organization’s magic throughout our century-long journey.  During 10 weeks of recognition, we honor individuals who have been instrumental in the success of TCT, and who have not only helped TCT grow in mission, but also thrive, thanks to their passion.  It is these people and their moments in our history that shaped TCT to become what it is today. We encourage you to consider giving a gift in their honor to ensure the sustainability of TCT’s mission for the next 100+ years. 

Matt Albritton, Director, NKU School of the Arts

Since 2004, The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s STAR Program has taken place on the campus of the Northern Kentucky University School of the Arts (SOTA). We are proud to partner with such an outstanding regional institution.

Matt Albritton, Director NKU’s School of the Arts says:

“I think theater for children is important for the same reasons an arts education at the college level is important. We at NKU’s School of the Arts (SOTA) promote an expansive view of an arts education. We talk a lot about the essential skills you get by participating in the arts. I truly believe it’s the same, and even more so, for children experiencing or participating in theatre.”

He continues: “There is something that exists which boosts communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, courage and confidence— all at the same time. All of these benefits come directly from children’s theatre.”

“These valuable life skills are good for the individual and good for the community. It is certainly good for us at NKU.  For nearly two decades, NKU has hosted (The Children’s Theatre’s) STAR Program each July. Because of this, we’re building our future majors who wish to continue learning, growing, and discovering great career possibilities, which stem from an arts education.”

“You know, I have a new perspective on it now as a parent. My kids have been involved in theatre in different ways. My oldest has been in musicals now in junior high school, and I see all of those benefits happening, first hand. It makes me proud as a parent and proud as the Director of SOTA. So, children’s theatre is not just about the stage, it’s about life.”

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