21 Evidence-Based Benefits of Drama Education

By The Children's Theatre

With the world’s attention focused squarely on the COVID-19 virus, it’s easy to forget that anything else is happening. For example, you’d be forgiven for being unaware that today is World Theater Day – a global celebration of everything related to theater in all its forms. 

Now that we can’t congregate, either to watch plays or take part in them, it is becoming clearer than ever what a profoundly positive role drama ordinarily plays in our lives. More than ever, we feel that today is a day to celebrate theater. To do so, we’re going to shout about the many benefits of drama education. 

After a deep dive into the scientific literature, WeTheParents have created the following visualization. It highlights 21 studies, each of which demonstrates a compelling benefit that theater education has on our children and young people.

Drama Education: 21 Science-Backed Benefits

So there we go! 21 incredible benefits backed up by research. 

Every day we witness first-hand the benefits that drama brings to children and young people, but it’s always satisfying to have anecdotal evidence and intuition backed up by science!

So let’s continue to shout about the benefits of drama, today on World Theater Day, but also during the weeks and months ahead while theaters and education facilities may remain closed.

If you can, why not keep drama alive in your home. Consider incorporating creative drama into your homeschooling. Check out our resources in TCT Everywhere for ideas. Remember, every little bit of drama helps.

Stay safe, and happy World Theater Day!

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