Impact of the Harold and Lorraine Hoffman Scholarship Fund

By The Children's Theatre

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati is thrilled to offer the Harold and Lorraine Hoffman Scholarship to students interested in classes at TCT Academy. We’d like to highlight a recent story that shows the deep impact of this scholarship.

Toby was a scholarship recipient and attended TCT Academy Classes last fall. His mother knew how much he loved to sing and dance, and applied for the scholarship without him knowing. Read the letter below to learn all about Toby’s experience.

Angelo Cerniglia, TCT Education Director, says that Toby absolutely came out of his shell as time went on. On Day 1, Toby was too shy to even come into the classroom and watched from outside the door. Day 2 he sat inside and watched, and by Day 3 he was starting to engage. By the time Day 10 came around, he was so confident and interested that he saved the day by playing Tigger at the last minute. It is truly an amazing transformation.

Harold and Lorraine Hoffman believed that an education in the arts follows a child throughout their entire life. The study of music and theatre teaches life lessons, provides a hobby, a passion, and possibly even a career. Because of this, they knew that a little help to allow a child to do something extra can make an enduring impact.

Brian, Harold and Lorraine’s grandson, shared, “The Harold and Lorraine Hoffman Scholarship Fund is a loving tribute to my grandparents, who were always there with a few dollars to help their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren do a little something extra. Following their legacy, we hope that this scholarship gives the next generation of young artists that same opportunity.”

The Hoffman’s loved this story of transformation and Brian could completely relate to Toby, his hesitancy and growth as he found his confidence in the arts. They congratulated Angelo on creating an environment where Toby felt safe to explore and let his true interests naturally emerge. Brian is hopeful that sharing this story will help inspire more donors to come forward and fund opportunities for incredible kids like Toby. 

Angelo is delighted with this opportunity to welcome more students to the TCT Academy.  “Access to performing arts classes for students who want to discover or grow their artistic abilities is a major focus at TCT, and we can’t wait to witness the spark and delight made possible by this scholarship. I am thankful that Harold and Lorraine pursued their artistic interests and provided great inspiration to their family and friends!”

If you are interested in signing up your child for Academy classes, click here. Scholarship information can be found here.

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