101 Stories: Michael Dillingham

By The Children's Theatre
photo courtesy of Amanda Boehmer

It may have been some time since you visited our lobby at Red Bank Road, but did you know we have a featured artist’s work on display? Meet Michael Dillingham, the artist behind Michael’s Creations. This inspiring artist has some of his collection available to view near the dance studios in TCT’s Red Bank Road headquarters.  

Mr. Dillingham started painting while attending a program at United Cerebral Palsy in 2010 at age 14. From there he added a home studio his parents Chris and Michelle made for him so he could paint at home. At Gamble Montessori High School, Michael did ceramics and painting at the Cincinnati Arts and Technology Center at Longworth Hall. After graduating high school, he joined Visionaries and Voices in Northside, where he is one of the studio artists there, and expanded his art into fabrics. Michael had an art studio at the Pendleton Art Center for almost 8 years, but recently moved to Askew Studios in Camp Washington next to the Sculpture Park there at 2868 Colerain Ave.

You can find out about Michael’s upcoming events here.

Many people ask if Michael’s art is all his own. Yes, every brush stroke is his own, every part of the creative process is his own. 

Michael Dillingham

“I like to make art; it is fun for me. When I graduated from high school, I tried a lot of job programs, but I didn’t want to spend my day in workshops. I told my parents I want to make art. When someone buys a piece of my art it makes me feel good. I think about where they will hang it, and I want people to look at it and feel happy.

My goal is to support myself with my art. When I think about what I want to paint, I think of the Cincinnati parks and trails where I ride my bike. I also think about the ocean, and the gardens I have worked in. Sometimes I paint characters from my favorite shows like “old school” Sesame Street.” 

– Michael Dillingham, Artist

Michelle Dillingham, Michael’s Mom, says: 

“Michael and I were connected to The Children’s Theatre through a friend who was an actor within the theatre. They knew about Michael’s art, and expressed how TCT would be able to share his art with theatre-goers at their Red Bank location. Michael was invited to be the featured artist of the year at this location. The walls are full of 30-40 pieces of Michael’s original artwork.  

“In addition to this amazing opportunity, we also love attending the theatre. We love how the shows are familiar to our family – Michael loves children’s literature! Also, Michael uses a wheelchair, and TCT does an amazing job at making it accessible for our family. The Children’s Theatre ensures the opportunity to experience live theatre for all children” 

Would you honor Michael Dillingham with a gift to recognize the impact made on TCT?

Michael even has a few portraits of famous performers and historical figures. Check out some of his work below, and his website for even more! Visit his Facebook page for event information.

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