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Rapunzel’s Hairy Fairy Tale

50 minutes
TCT on Tour

The classic fairy tale of “Rapunzel” comes to life in an exciting world-premiere musical adaptation adventure featuring everyone’s favorite long-locked lady in a tower. But don’t forget the array of other characters braided in this hairy fairy tale, comically played by only two actors! Yes, your read that correctly. ONLY TWO ACTORS! This fresh new adaptation will make your audiences throw their heads of hair back in laughter and delight as two incredibly talented and versatile actors untangle this hairy fairy tale like you’ve never seen it before!

A Live Virtual TCT Talkback is also available for schools and venues booking this production.

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Public Performances
Digitally streaming September 7, 2021 - June 30, 2022
School Performances
Streaming begins September 7, 2021. Live tour begins February 1, 2022.
TCT on Tour
February 1 - April 29, 2022


Directed by Eric Byrd

Show Resources

Study Guides
Rapunzel’s Hairy Fairy Tale
Show Companion Activity Packet
30 minutes of self-guided, show-related activities with an answer key.
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Rapunzel’s Hairy Fairy Tale Edition

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, the nation’s oldest professional theatre for young audiences, invites the young (and young-at-heart) to take a peek behind the scenes. Jackson Hurt, who stars in RAPUNZEL’S HAIRY FAIRY TALE, interviews Brandi Langford-Sherrill, who also stars in the show. Learn more about what it’s like to be on stage during a pandemic.

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Book the Live Show

Touring live February 1 - April 29, 2022.

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Broadway On Demand

Digitally streaming via Broadway on Demand September 7 - June 30, 2022.

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Live Virtual Talkback

Schedule a Virtual Live Talkback with an actor or artist related to the show: Regardless of when your students/audience watch the show, they can interact via web conferencing.

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