101 Stories: The D’Ascenzo Family

By The Children's Theatre

Darcie D’Ascenzo: “The D’Ascenzo family is thankful for the musical theatre experience and education provided by The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati (TCT). Story told through singing, acting, and dancing is something we all enjoy both performing and watching together as a family. With kids ranging from 17 to eight, we have been attending shows at TCT for many years. Our girls have taken classes, participated in STAR Intensive NKU, attended MainStage and touring productions, and have learned professional theatre through opportunities to perform on MainStage.  The best parts of our family’s musical theatre journey have been in the relationships built through The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. TCT has fostered our family’s shared passion for theatre, enabled conversations about character and values that were instigated by high-quality performances, and given us numerous opportunities to make lasting memories together. Through volunteering at TCT, we are provided with opportunities to connect with and help other families fall in love with live theatre while creating their own memories. The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati is the epitome of quality productions that are accessible and entertaining to people of all ages.  We appreciate the amazing staff who work tirelessly to bring the magic of live theatre to Cincinnati throughout the year. The people working at TCT are passionate about educating and entertaining. Placing the bar high and helping students sail over it seems to be the truth of all the education there. We are grateful to have found in TCT, kindred passion for building families and communities through live theatre.”

Rocco D’Ascenzo: “The education TCT has provided my daughters has helped them grow into confident young women. The training they receive translates into skills that will help them throughout their lives. They have learned confidence, accountability, prioritization, time management, and have an ability to interact with people of all ages and diverse backgrounds. They are free to express themselves and their ideas in a supportive and safe forum, while receiving guidance from knowledgeable and kind professionals.” 

Mia D’Ascenzo: “Starting work as a young professional at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati at age nine, TCT has taught me to be a professional both on and off the stage. Through TCT, I have developed lifelong friendships with adults and peers. The investment TCT staff has made in my education and development are enabling me to be able to teach and choreograph for students at school, helping them find their voice, talent, and ability to tell stories.”

Marlo D’Ascenzo: “The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati helped me find my voice. Every year I have trained and performed with TCT, I have grown in courage, confidence, and character. Having lasting relationships with the professionals who work at TCT is a true blessing to me.”

Mia and Marlo play The Twins in A Charlie Brown Christmas (2019)
Celia in 2020

Celia D’Ascenzo: “Training at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati made me want to do more there. Auditioning for STAR and for MainStage weren’t as scary as I feared because the adults at TCT are all so encouraging. I like going to shows at TCT as much as I like learning and performing. My favorite days are when all my classmates attend the current show and we can talk about the shows together and laugh about the funny things we saw. The adults at TCT make me feel like they care about me and all the other students. “They treat us like professionals even though we are really young, and I think that is a really good opportunity.”

The Velveteen Rabbit (2020)

Stella D’Ascenzo: “I love going to shows with my family, and one day I will get to be on stage too!” Darcie, Stella’s Mom says: “Attending performances at TCT through the homeschool shows, Stella sees herself as a director in the making. One of our favorite TCT memories is when our entire family, including grandparents, was in the audience of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast JR. together and as the action heated up and Gaston and his men were storming the castle in search of the Beast, 18-month-old Stella exclaimed, “Stop singing and just get him already.” Even at this young age, she related and cared for the characters and the story. She has not missed a show since, and she continues to dissect the message, the values and the choices of the characters.  We are grateful for the inspiration Stella finds for creating her own shows after each story TCT offers.”

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