101 Stories: TCT’s Young Artists

By The Children's Theatre

Celebrate TCT’s 101st season as it comes to a close as we applaud and appreciate those who contributed to the organization’s magic throughout our century-long journey.  During 10 weeks of recognition, we honor individuals who have been instrumental in the success of TCT, and who have not only helped TCT grow in mission, but also thrive, thanks to their passion.  It is these people and their moments in our history that shaped TCT to become what it is today. We encourage you to consider giving a gift in their honor to ensure the sustainability of TCT’s mission for the next 100+ years. 

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati is committed to featuring young people in age-appropriate roles on the MainStage. To celebrate young actors in leading roles, we spoke with a few recent members of TCT’s Young Artists Company. Here’s what they had to say:


Mowgli:  Disney’s The Jungle Book KIDS, 2019

“As a young professional performing artist, the Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati is a place where I can truly express my talents and learn what it takes to be a real professional artist with some of the best in the business! In short, the TCT has taught me what grit, hard work, and organization really means.” – KAVAN


Annie:  Annie JR., 2020

“Theatre for children matters to me because not only does it shape the children of the next generation but it always shares with them many other pathways that they may have not thought was for them. It might inspire them not only to start but to appreciate art and creation for themselve. Yet it also sparks their imagination and helps them live in the moment as children and teaches them lessons while also providing entertainment. Theatre for children matters because children matter to the world and giving them their own helps shape them to be ready to take on the world on their own. 

TCT has taught me how to be an independent artist and how to shape my craft to not only inspire others but to push for change in how the world views young actresses of color. It has given me a place to grow as a young artist and will continue to be a safe space for me to create art for others.” – DIANA 


Casper: Casper, The Friendly Musical, 2019

“TCT inspired me to get into acting in the first place. Seated in the audience at Taft Theatre, my brothers and I were blown away watching Madagascar. The actors were so talented and funny. After that performance, I wanted to see as many live performances as possible and I knew I wanted to be an actor. I started training at TCT’s classes and camps, where I gained confidence because I felt supported by all the other actors and instructors. 

At TCT, I learned that unexpected events can appear to throw everything off track. But with a little improvising, you can smooth things over and get back on track. This newfound wisdom was reassuring and helped me to overcome my nerves and fears. I also learned the importance of hard work and planning. The magic that the audience experiences at performances is the result of many hours of preparation. Both of these lessons have come in handy in every area of my life. “ –JACK


Alice:  Alice in Wonderland, 2016 

“An overall lesson that TCT has taught me is to work hard in and out of the theatre. The work doesn’t stop when you walk out of the stage door, you have to keep on practicing so that you can perform to the best of your abilities!

Theatre for children matters to me because if there is one thing that kids love, it’s magic! And live theatre is one of the most magical things a child can experience.” —BROOKE

In three words, describe TCT:

“Adaptive, Friendly, and Home”  – KAVAN

“Magical, Creative, and Family”  – JACK

“Inclusive, Nurturing, (and most importantly) Fun!”  – BROOKE

“Guiding, Loving, and Inspirational” – DIANA

Would you honor these young stars with a gift to recognize the impact made on TCT?

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